Essay on right use of leisure time

Why did people had more time in the 's for leisure activities? Unemployed males 85 hours per week and females 78 hours per week only show a slight difference in hours spent for leisure time. Our experts create writing masterpieces that earn our customers not only high grades but also a solid reputation from demanding professors.

When our great-grandfathers lived, there were no trains at all It is not uncommon for children owning two or more vehicles in nowadays. However, there is a clear structure, which needs to be followed to avoid common mistakes. Approximately words Sample Answer 4: For instance, a air travel from Singapore to Vietnam only need 4 hours including food and beverage in the airplane, whilst travelling by sea needs days and nights.

For you self-employed people, do you find it hard to allow yourself leisure time? It is clearly evident from the graph that female in all respective of employment status enjoys time killing when compared to male. In order to promote themselves, the Nazis endorsed leisure in a seemingly modern way.

Unemployed and retired people had more leisure time than the part-time and full-time employed men and women. As we can see, tourism cannot develop without technological. Drawing a distinction between public sociability and family life, he argues that experiencing pleasure is a question of lifestyle.

So your answer should be in past tense. When delegating your work to one of our writers, you can be sure that we will: Leisure and Technology At least since industrialisation, technology and leisure have become intertwined in several respects: It should engage the user on an emotional level, for a sense of wonder about technology inspires interest in playing with its replica.

We call it leisure or spare-time. Early varieties of technology in the travel and tourism industry were systems which associated tour operators to travel organizations via terminals and allowed travel agents to make bookings through the system.

This should be obvious by now. This figure is slightly more than the employed women perhaps because of their employment nature.

Similarly, retired employees male75 hours per week, female 82 hours per week spent almost same leisure hour irrespective of gender. The provided graph presents data on the amount of spare time both Males and Females from different employment status had enjoyed.

These are activities that occur in very different contexts and circumstances, some of which can only be undertaken with the aid of some type of technology. Here is a list of steps, which make up a great essay: The highest amount of leisure hours is enjoyed by those, who are unemployed.

Adding to the excursion traffic of regular trains, these special trains already carried several million passengers by Car ownership in the united kingdom has increased noticeably in recent years.

All these fairground businesses were adorned by progressively brighter electric lighting. In the s, when concerts could first be supported by sound systems, it also became possible to have performances on large open-air stages or in sports arenas.

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They will grow up depraved of normal communication and unwilling to face the real world. General ideas on how to put leisure time to the best use included attending lectures, instruction in handicrafts, collecting books and pictures, employee and holiday trips, work outings, company festivities, supporting libraries and theatres as well as founding sports, choral and music clubs for employees.

Leisure Time Essays

Cars, televisions and clothing developed into status symbols.SURVEY ON HOW STUDENTS SPEND THEIR LEISURE TIME The survey was conducted on 15 and 16 August by means of a questionnaire. About 20 students in the same cohort were asked an how their spend their leisure time.

ESSAY IX OF LEISURE. The river of human life is divided into two streams; occupation and leisure--or, to express the thing more accurately, that occupation, which is prescribed, and may be called the business of life, and that occupation, which arises contingently, and not so much of absolute and set purpose, not being prescribed: such being.

As for me, I love listening to music and watching Korean drama. I bet many of you love k-pop right?

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No time for watching natural beauty- birds, mountains, trees and greenery. Instead the trend of today is watching movies, serials, listening songs, reading comics, playing games etc.

The physical instruction model contrasts with concepts of leisure (and its associations with free time, autonomy, and enjoyment), play (being characterized as freely chosen, personally directed, and intrinsically motivated), and exercise (recognized as structured, repetitive, and aimed at improving or maintaining fitness or health).

Leisure-time activities and leisure-time mobility have developed a wider range through the use of technology. Technologies that had originally been developed for commercial, scientific or military purposes have been (and will continue to be) developed for leisure-time use.

Essay on right use of leisure time
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