Leadership case studies for high school students

Concerns associated with student leadership Several concerns are associated with the successful promotion, implementation, and maintenance of student leadership initiatives. This institution has been purposively selected as the research site for two reasons.

Although a range of explanations was proffered to explain the difficulty inherent in each situation, three points of commonality became evident. Laying Leadership case studies for high school students basis for learning across the lifespan, in D. Consistent with the longitudinal character of the study, the analytical process took place at the end of each collection period i.

Each Pastoral Care Group is comprised of approximately 20 students from across Years 8 to One Year 12 student Cohort C1 stated: Although not explicitly stated, these two comments suggest that some Year 10 students recognise the importance of leadership at the College, and the important role that leaders perform within the College community.

Johnson indicated that some contributing factors include voting processes that may threaten younger candidates for leadership, perceived popularity contests, or a leadership cohort nominated predominantly by staff as contradictory to the espoused focus on student development.

This case demonstrates how Medvedow was able to rebuild literally and figuratively a powerless organization by being disciplined, getting people to believe in an idea, and taking many risks. First, in and the student respondents viewed the leadership training received as a positive experience, and that being a good role model was classified as a challenging experience.

For those students elected into positions of leadership, a common understanding of staff is that such students are to fulfil a supervisory role Willmett, or exert little or no influence in decision-making structures Johnson, Another Year 11 student Cohort B2 concurred with this assertion, and added that: These events were highly regarded by the students as experiences that positively contributed to their understanding of leadership and overall development as leaders Leatt, ; Myers, She want to become a principal because she recognises how influential the role is.

Maths specialist Louise Miller describes the process that Homai School has developed around teacher mentoring. From research to results, Alexandria: You also learn to become more independent and how to take responsibility of big things, like sporting events and getting other people to participate.

A review of web-based public documents, Leading and Managing, 12 2pp. The researcher then used memoing to synthesise coded data together so that they formed a recognisable cluster grounded within one general concept. For principals, it is recommended that they create, promote and sustain leadership development opportunities for their students.

As can 38 Gregory Hine be seen in Table 3, was the first year of data collection and for the intentions of this article all elected leaders have been collectively categorised as Cohort A.

Furthermore, students expressed that the impact of leadership upon studies was minimal if these priorities had been realised. Pastorally, the College has employed a Vertical House System for all students since its inception in The research itself highlights multiple benefits for students who participate, and indicates that leadership growth is experienced by those who undertake challenging task-related roles.

Further longitudinal analysis of the findings see Table 3 reveals several other consistencies reported by the elected student leaders over time.

Additionally, there is the privilege of being given the gift of control, of influencing the actions and thoughts of others Hawkes,p. First, the College has a well-established student leadership program in operation.

The functioning program of student leadership at the College highlights the importance of leadership development at a personal, school, and community level. What do the key participants understand to be their roles in this program of student leadership and leadership development? Speaking of the support and assistance she received as an elected leader, one Year 11 student Cohort B2 stated: A summary of findings indicated perceived positive, challenging and negative experiences as reported by the elected student leaders.

The elected leadership structure for Year 12 is summarised in Table 2. Elected Year 10 Leaders assuming formal 15 leadership responsibilities B1: Several assertions were made consistently each year i.

Eight schools share their approach to developing leadership capacity in students, Independence, 35 1pp. Other counter-productive efforts centred around the apparent disengagement of the student leaders themselves. Appointment to the positions is essentially by popular vote among their respective Year peers, although all positions are subject ultimately to approval by the House Coordinator and the House teachers.

When discussing the Year 10 Leadership Day, several leaders suggested that this event be made available for cohorts of younger students in Student Leadership Experiences:Case Study: Kupu A’e Leadership Development.

of Exemplary Leadership® into their four-year student program to expand leadership behaviors into the classroom for high school students on the island of Kauaʻi.

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Leading from the middle: case studies

Grimes, human resources director. Managing conflict by school leadership: A case study of a school from Gilgit-Biltistan.

International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences, 2(5), – Click the link below to view the video case study and learn how Habitudues helped the faculty at Orange Lutheran High School implement a unique initiative focused on teaching students leadership skills and character development.

Case Studies

Leadership Case Studies. When stakeholders (20 focus groups and 12 interviews) at four inclusive high schools producing exemplary results for students with and without disabilities were asked what factors they associated with the successful outcomes of their school, 75% of the groups and individuals replied with statements associated with leadership.

LearningEdge at MIT Sloan offers case studies on topics such as ethics and leadership. Learn more about these contemporary business issues. Mason Chock shares how Kupu A’e Leadership Development integrates The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® into their four-year student program to expand leadership behaviors into the classroom for high school students on the island of Kauaʻi.

Leadership case studies for high school students
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